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Kylie Minogue: Live in Sydney

Kylie in Sydney!
Kylie Minogue: Live in Sydney
Hot off the heels of her 2001 World Tour, Kylie Minogue graces the stage for one final performance in her homeland of Australia. Filmed in Sydney, this theatrical extravaganza spans Kylie's 15-year musical evolution, including hits like "I Should Be So Lucky," "Better The Devil You Know," and the Top 10 smash, "Can't Get You Out Of My Head." From the catchy opening number, "Love Boat," to the sultry interpretation of Olivia Newton-John's "Physical," Kylie's energy never slows down


Swedish Henrik
Thank God for Kylie Minogue. When compared to the recent DVD/cable television extravaganzas mounted by Madonna, Janet Jackson and Britney Spears, the Aussie powerhouse emerges as the clear winner. Madonna looks so deadly serious onstage, the effect is not unlike watching a storm trooper in drag going through rather fey combat moves. Janet is only slightly more animated, and can barely manage to keep her breath as she attempts to sing live to her synchronized dance moves. Britney...well, give the girl time. However, the almost complete lack of live vocals (except on the ballads--where the full extent of her producers' talents are plainly [and painfully] audible) is inexcusable. Kylie, on the other hand, sings live for her entire, exhilirating, nearly 2 hour show, and sings WELL--it can't be easy to maintain your breath control while bouncing around in six-inch kitten heels, yet the diminuative diva manages to carry it off brilliantly. She also is having FUN onstage, and that sense of joy and carefree exuberance carries over to the audience. The main strength in the Minogue camp (emphasis on "camp") is Kylie's refusal to take herself, or her stardom, too seriously. Oh, there's no doubting that Kylie is a true, blazing, God-given Star; she has charisma, talent, beauty and charm to spare. But her genuine niceness, not to mention her fondness for keeping her tongue firmly in cheek, are breaths of fresh air when confronted with "serious artists" like Madonna, or assembly-line, mass-market popsters like Britney. From the 1940's-musical-style opener ("Love Boat") to the kitschily fabulous encore ("Spinning Around"), Kylie's energy level never drops once. Highlights abound: a bright, spangly rendition of her 1989 classic "Hand on Your Heart"; a full-steam-ahead Greatest Hits medley that has the audience practically panting at her feet; a brilliant, twisted-cabaret arrangement of her anthem, "Better the Devil You Know"; an unbelievably erotic take on the Olivia Newton-John ditty, "Physical"; a pumping, sexually-charged "Butterfly"; and the aforementioned "Spinning Around" finale. Another key to Kylie's success: despite her bare midriffs, low-rise leather jeans, tush-grazing hot pants and stilleto heels, she never comes across as sleazy or even overtly sexual; she really may just be the most gosh-darndest nice pop star on the planet (and it's evident that her dancers and band adore her), as well as the most non-threatening. The DVD comes with some nice extras: backstage peeks at the show, which highlight the cheeky humor of both Kylie herself, and her tour crew. It makes sense: to put on such a lighthearted, fun show, you need to surround yourself with lighthearted, fun people. This is, without a doubt, one of the most enjoyable contemporary pop concerts available. Buy it! Kylie delivers.

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